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With 20+ years of experience, PMC Brushes offers a comprehensive line of flexible endoscope cleaning brushes and rigid instrument cleaning brushes

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PMC Brush Selection

Rigid & Special Rigid Cannula Brushes

Available in Micro Channel, Small Diameter, Medium/Large Diameter, Stiff Wire Sheath, Diamond Shape, Fan End and more!

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Orthopedic Brushes

Including Burr & Ortho Scrub Brushes and Reamer Brushes

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Orthopedic Brushes
Utility Scrub Brushes

Utility Brushes

Full range of Scrub Brushes, Receptacle, and Sterilizer Brushes

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Valve Brushes & Kit Combos

Flexible Endoscope, Single-ended and Double-ended

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Valve Brushes & Kit Combos

Flexible Endoscope Brushes

Including Single-ended Channel Brushes, Double-ended Channel Brushes, Pull Through Models, Channel Brushes and Valve Brushes.

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Tips for choosing a brush


Instrument Type 

Consider external and internal areas being cleaned. Identify scope channels/ports requiring brushing for each model.



Review device and brush IFU recommendations – number of swipes; push or pull through.


Appropriate Size

Proper bristle diameter provides direct friction to remove soil.
Brush length should be sufficient to exit instrument to remove bristle debris.

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